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Three AZ Property Management Tips for Success

Budgeting can be a concern for any AZ property management company in order to be successful and prosperous. Although this can change any given day, there are ways to help the company withstand any downfalls and come out stronger in the end. Here are three important tips to keep in mind. Reorganize and Update Your […]


Considerations in Securing a Good Tenant for a Rental Property

Did you know that 75% of people looking to rent a home own a pet?  Avoid alienating three-quarters of your potential tenants by listing your  your home as pet-friendly and protect your investment with non-refundable pet fees. Dave Zundel, broker and general manager for HomeLovers, offers many other insider tips as he explains what it […]


3 Reasons Phoenix’s Rental Market is Strong… and What it Means to Real Estate Owners and Investors

Experts and prospective tenants currently consider Phoenix, Arizona, one of the country’s best rental markets based on three reasons: 1. Would-be home buyers continue to struggle with obtaining financing, making a rental home their only option. The lending belts have tightened significantly, making financing extremely difficult for first-time home buyers. Although some government plans and […]


When your tenant does the disappearing act, here is what you do.

I’m hoping that you never need this advice, but here is a helpful article on ”what to do if a tenant abandons your rental property.” While you may want to just pack up their belongings and have a garage sale, legally it is very important that you follow the right steps. Getting tired of managing your own […]


How To Select A Property Management Company

by Noel Pulanco, HomeLovers Sales Manager, Realtor® Shopping for a Property Manager can be one of the most confusing things you will ever do. When people contact HomeLovers in their search for a property management company, inevitably one of the first questions that they ask is “what are the costs?” Some managers look very expensive […]

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