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Five Tips For Investors Thinking About Buying A Short Sale

Many beginning investors see short sales as a very inviting opportunity to jump into the real estate investment market.  They are attracted to the chance to buy low, but they don’t always realize the reality of what is happening across the nation with short sale transactions. It isn’t a simple solution for a financially distressed seller, or the path […]


What Investors Need to Know About AZ Short Sales

by Barbara Broyles, HomeLovers Short sales are very popular with investors because they represent an opportunity to buy a home at less than market value. However, before stepping into the quicksand, there are a few things investors should be aware of. You may be riding on the Titanic, so diversify Short sales are a slow […]


Short Sale Deals Often Collapse – How To Help Prevent It

USA Today recently ran an interesting article on how home sellers are increasingly frustrated as short sale deals collapse – often months into the deal when potential buyers walk away due to lengthy delays. Read the article here. The author wisely points out that the banks are only part of the problem. Buyers/sellers can’t do […]

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