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Property Manager Phoenix

Questions About Renting Properties Once you have found and purchased a property that you plan on using for rental income it is important to find a good tenant for your property.  Also, it is wise to determine how the property will be maintained. If you are a handy person, you may want to take care […]


Tips on Keeping Tenants and Rentals Cool in the Heat

If you have been trying to figure out ways to cool off your Arizona apartments in the hot desert summer, here is some help!


What Makes a Property Management Company Great?

Many landlords aren’t able to differentiate between property management firms. Here are some qualities to look for when hiring one!


Refreshing Your Phoenix Rentals Between Tenants This Spring

As the sun comes out this spring, it will illuminate all the darkened corners of the room, for better or worse! Here’s a good list of spring cleaning ideas you can use to get your rental ready between tenants.


Arizona Landlords: Plan for Tenant Payment Problems

With an economic downturn that has been described as the worst dip since the 1930s, small business owners are in a panic. In such a landscape, where many are un- or under-employed, or helping friends and family who are, many are finding themselves scaling back, reducing extravagances, and, in some unfortunate circumstances, unable to pay […]


Use Location to Successfully Market Your Rental Property to Prospective Phoenix Tenants

Location is key, but many don’t seem to realize just how much of your success as a landlord can depend upon your exploitation of your property’s location in the Phoenix area!

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