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AZ Investment Property Appreciation: How to Choose A Neighborhood

Many factors impact how profitable an investment property is, but nothing has a more significant hit to its long-term value than appreciation. It is the #1 way to build wealth within your portfolio. Selecting the right neighborhood may sound simple, but experienced investors realize that it is critical to get it right. Treating this carelessly […]


How To Select A Property Management Company

by Noel Pulanco, HomeLovers Sales Manager, Realtor® Shopping for a Property Manager can be one of the most confusing things you will ever do. When people contact HomeLovers in their search for a property management company, inevitably one of the first questions that they ask is “what are the costs?” Some managers look very expensive […]


10 Questions To Always Ask A Prospective Property Management Firm

When looking at property management companies, there are a handful of questions that savvy real estate investors should ALWAYS ask. It helps you weed out those agencies that charge “junk fees” and don’t have the experience to make sure your real estate portfolio is consistently profitable – whether you have one investment home or a […]

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