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Property Manager Phoenix

Questions About Renting Properties Once you have found and purchased a property that you plan on using for rental income it is important to find a good tenant for your property.  Also, it is wise to determine how the property will be maintained. If you are a handy person, you may want to take care […]


What Makes a Property Management Company Great?

Many landlords aren’t able to differentiate between property management firms. Here are some qualities to look for when hiring one!


Arizona Landlords: Plan for Tenant Payment Problems

With an economic downturn that has been described as the worst dip since the 1930s, small business owners are in a panic. In such a landscape, where many are un- or under-employed, or helping friends and family who are, many are finding themselves scaling back, reducing extravagances, and, in some unfortunate circumstances, unable to pay […]


Building Wealth via Investment Property

Investment property is a business of capital. That is, you put large sums of money into a property with the goal that you generate a higher amount of money by either selling or renting out this property. That is a pretty spartan explanation of a way of life. There has to be more to investment […]


What are Some Advantages of Having a House for Rent in AZ?

Have you ever considered real estate investing and thought about owning a house for rent in AZ? If you are new to the idea of being the owner of rental properties, then you may not be aware of some advantages that come along with it. Cash Flow – The most important target is having a […]


The Phoenix Real Estate Market is Hot… And We Don’t Just Mean the Weather!

Now is one of the best times in recent history to invest in Arizona real estate.  Home prices and mortgage rates are at the lowest points they’ve been in decades.  Additionally, the large number of people who’ve recently been foreclosed on has created a vast pool of potential tenants.  If you’re prepared for a long-term […]

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