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What Investors Need to Know About AZ Short Sales

by Barbara Broyles, HomeLovers Short sales are very popular with investors because they represent an opportunity to buy a home at less than market value. However, before stepping into the quicksand, there are a few things investors should be aware of. You may be riding on the Titanic, so diversify Short sales are a slow […]


Scottsdale Investment Properties

Demand For High-End Home Rentals Increases         Because HomeLovers manages hundreds of rental properties all across the Phoenix metro area, we have our thumb on the pulse of the home rental and investment market. We see trends as they begin to shift and evolve, which can be critical to the long-term success […]


Canadian Buyer Looking for Arizona Foreclosures?

HomeLovers’ Barbara Broyles was on Trulia this morning, answering a question from a Canadian Buyer looking at Arizona foreclosed homes. Click here for the full Trulia dialog. One rule of thumb for Canadian buyers that are not paying cash? Get your financing in order BEFORE you start looking. It can take longer than you think. […]


Do You Have a Realtor in the Family?

by Barbara Broyles Almost everyone has a friend, cousin, brother, sister, or uncle that holds a real estate license. But real estate transactions are much more than a simple relationship business. Especially when it comes to building a real estate investment portfolio. Is that family member or acquaintance really who you want to trust with […]


Bio – Barbara Broyles

Meet Barbara Broyles Associate Broker, Director of Portfolio Sales As Director of Portfolio Sales and Associate Broker for HomeLovers, Barbara shares her strong investment and portfolio management expertise by actively training and managing a team of HomeLovers agents, and is an essential force behind its roster of successful investor clients. She also manages a personal […]

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