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Finding the Right Property Management Company

Once you have purchased an investment property and have found a tenant your next step should be focusing on how to properly maintain and manage the property.  If you are like many investors, you probably have a full time job that occupies most of your time leaving you with little or no time left over to spend on your property.  One solution to this problem is to find a great property management company.  A property management company will maintain and manage the property and help take care of the needs of the tenant.  Dave Zundel of Homelovers is familiar with property management in Phoenix Arizona and he has a few questions you should ask when looking to find the right property management company for you.

What Do You Look For in a Property Management Company?

Almost anyone who has a real estate license can manage a property.  It’s not uncommon for real estate agents to turn to property management to supplement their income when the real estate business slows down.  Unfortunately, many real estate agents do not have the skill set required to successfully manage investment properties.  Also, they tend to leave the property management market once real estate sales pick up.  Expertise and stability are two of the main qualities that you should look for in a company.  Choose a property management company that has been in the industry for a long time and has a proven track record.  You want to find someone who is very reliable and dependable and who has shown that they are going to work hard and do a good job for you.

Does the Property Management Company Own Real Estate?

When choosing a property management company look for one that has experience in owning their own investment real estate properties.  It can be difficult for someone who has not had renters to understand how to handle any difficulties that occur.  Having dealt with renters and the problems and issues that arise with them helps the company understand any challenges that you may face with your tenants.  They will be better able to assist you and your tenants if they have previous experience in working with renters in the past.

What Does a Good Property Management Company Do For You?

Companies like Homelovers, who are investors themselves, focus on providing good customer service that gives clients a good experience.  Marketing plays a large part in allowing investors to maximize their investment.  The goal of the company is to limit the amount of days vacant and to help the investor make as much money as possible from their property.

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