Tips on Keeping Tenants and Rentals Cool in the Heat

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It can be difficult to keep your rentals cool when your adversary is the famously overbearing Arizona summer. Those unaccustomed to living in the desert can find it very oppressive. Extremely hot temperatures can unfortunately mean life or death to many heat-sensitive individuals, mainly the very old and the very young. Many landlords of properties where central air conditioning is not a possibility have trouble coming up with ideas for cooling off their rentals in this critical situation. Here are some helpful tips from landlords like you, to help fellow landlords who are trying to keep their tenants cool in sweltering situations that could potentially turn deadly.

  1. Install one window air conditioning unit in each property. If you cannot afford to install central air conditioning in your property, or it is simply not possible to do so, you should definitely consider the expense of installing a window air conditioning unit in all of your properties. In desert summers, you cannot be too careful about keeping people cool, and knowing you have provided at least one cool room for your tenants will give you peace of mind.
  2. Keep popsicles in the office and community room. Many landlords and property managers in Arizona have reported that this keeps morale high, as well as being a fun way to stay okay in the heat. Keeping a small freezer or cooler full of popsicles in community areas can help your tenants stay chilled and hydrated.
  3. Consider putting in an ice machine, or ice-making fridges. An ice machine helps you encourage your tenants to stay cool. With an ice machine, tenants always have the possibility of cool drinks or ice baths available if they need them. Having buckets of ice available is a nice touch and a selling point in
  4. Consider creating a fan bank for tenants to use. If you have a large closet in a community area, consider leaving a clipboard and a pen hanging on the outside of it. Put a bunch of box and oscillating fans inside, all numbered and labeled as your property. Have tenants write down which fans they take, so you can keep track of as many of them as possible. This will give you inexpensive peace of mind, as fans are not extremely expensive, but they make a huge difference in the temperatures of AZ summer rentals.
  5. Install a pool, or provide a key for tenants regarding nearby water parks. Installing a pool can take up a lot of time, space, and money, but it is one of the best defenses against heat stroke. If you do not feel it is necessary for a pool, or the resources seem to be too much, consider providing a key of water parks and pools nearby.
  6. Keep window screens in excellent shape. Opening windows is a great way to catch some breezes indoors, but screens must be implemented to keep out insects.
  7. Install energy-efficient appliances. If an appliance uses less energy to run, then the appliance will put out less heat. Less heat output from appliances means less heat in the apartment.

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