What Makes a Property Management Company Great?

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Many Arizona property management firms have come about in the last seven years, as the rental market has become more ripe for buyers. As more of these companies form, the market becomes flooded with possibilities for second home owners to choose from. If homeowners decide to find rental managers in Phoenix to take care of the day-to-day practices for them, it can be difficult to determine which companies are the best when all the companies you’re considering hiring have a similar amount of industry experience. However, here are some of the qualities that can set one company far ahead of the rest.

A dedication to customer service. In this business, it is essential that the people who are running the show with tenants are interested in the well-being of the people who they look after. Everyone wants to be remembered by the agencies they do business with. When you hire a Phoenix property management service who employs a genuine people person, your tenants will actually look forward to interacting with them, even regarding the hairy business of rent, and so will you!

A flair for taking care of the greenery. Not every property is well-maintained. You’ll want to ensure that the property management firm you’re considering hiring is going to take proper care of your business. The only way to do that is to see for yourself. Take a drive by a property that the company you’re considering hiring manages. If you’re noticing that the property looks well-managed, recently repainted or recovered, landscaped, and by all accounts inviting, you will probably want to do business with the company. You want tenants to be drawn to your properties via curb appeal, and a management company that can keep your assets looking great is one that you want to shortlist.

24-hour emergency response team coverage. A lot of companies these days try to scrimp on coverage, which is a big no-no when it comes to landlord and tenant laws! If a company can provide you and your tenants with an on-call customer service representative and an on-call contracting team that can handle any emergencies you could throw at them, the company is definitely a keeper!

Commitment to excellence when getting property ready between tenants. You want to hire a property management firm in Arizona that has a move-in and move-out procedural checklist down pat. Keeping vacancies to a minimum for the shortest amount of time possible is the goal, but a company should do a thorough job getting apartments ready without cutting corners.

Has a great vacancy history. Don’t be afraid to see numbers when considering hiring a rental agency to manage your affairs. If a company has a lot of properties with over a 20% vacancy rate, consider looking elsewhere.

Has grace under fire. A company that has dealt effectively with the stresses and strains of managing property means one that never screams or yells at tenants, and one that knows the law. Check reviews online to inform your decision by helping you determine whether or not the company you’re interviewing meets the criteria.

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