Use Location to Successfully Market Your Rental Property to Prospective Phoenix Tenants

Phoenix Rental Home Location

Many Phoenix landlords, big and small, find themselves at a bit of a loss when it comes to keeping their complexes filled year-long. Sure, everyone needs a place to live, but not every property makes enough of an impression on the renter to stand out from every other run-of-the-mill property management solicitation out there. The trouble lies in identifying what quality exactly makes a basic complex without a lot of personality seem like the kind of property a prospective renter can’t pass up. There are some little tricks any landlord in Phoenix can employ when advertising in order to keep tenants checking out their property and, hopefully, get them signing leases.

People say location is key, but many don’t seem to realize just how much of your success as a landlord can depend upon your exploitation of your property’s location! Location is a main factor, and from there, you can specifically engineer your property, and, more importantly, your ad to make your property seem tailor-made to the needs of your prospective tenant. An ad for an opening in an apartment complex in Roosevelt Row, for example, should read much, much differently than an apartment complex near a major corporate headquarters, like Avnet. Renovating your apartment complex so it will appeal more to your target audience is also a key factor in keeping your complex full. For example, your Roosevelt Row apartment complex might be more geared toward permitting tenant personalization: allowing your tenant to paint the place themselves, having laxer pet policies and shorter leases, with funky vintage decor, flooring and accents. Meanwhile, an apartment across from a corporate headquarters might need a modernized feel, with additional newer appliances, updated security, and designer neutral paint colors to be more suited to the desires of the average young professional.

You can also charge your rent to reflect the values of the neighborhood your property is in. According to figures published in September 2012 by rentjungle.com, the average apartment rent in Phoenix is around $838. Check the ads around your complex’s neighborhood. Pricing your apartments so they are near, or a little below, your neighborhood’s average is a good way to ensure tenant interest.

Finally, scouting around your property’s location to find nearby attractions and easily-walkable amenities (or, for the lazy landlord, checking your complex’s rating on walkscore.com) to also mention in your ad is another thing you can do to accentuate the positive about your property. After all, there may be 500 other apartments for rent, but not all of them is close to Sprouts Farmers Market and two blocks away from a Valley Metro stop.

Using your location to your advantage (as well as a making a small investment in a few savvy upgrades) will make tenants stop and take a longer look at your property. Make the best of your neighborhood to craft an unbeatable ad. Be not just house-proud, but neighborhood-proud!

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