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Hiring A Great Handyman Company

By Dave Zundel, HomeLovers Co-founder, Real Estate Investor

It is usually that one final 2:00 A.M. call from a tenant or one too many stories about why the rent is late that pushes investors and landlords to seek professional help! Unless you are very good at doing your own work, or have an extensive network of people you trust, dealing with maintenance issues can be costly, frustrating, and a huge drain on your time.  Here a few tips for picking a company to handle your maintenance.

24×7 coverage. Unfortunately, things have a tendency to break at the most inconvenient times.  Your Handyman has to be able to catch calls from your tenant on holidays, weekends, and any time day or night.  HVAC and other vital system failures can’t wait for the company that only covers standard business hours.

Competitive pricing. Cheaper isn’t always better.  We like a deal as much as the next guy but when it comes to maintaining assets and keeping tenants happy, saving a buck can cost you a lot.  We encourage owners to get clear about what needs to be done and expect a fair price for the work.  Establish a relationship with a reputable vendor and build the trust you need to be comfortable with what they charge.  The right company will save you a ton of work but they need to be profitable if you want them there for you long term.

Fast turns. Make sure your handyman company has enough resources to do work fast.  Every day counts when you have a vacant home.  Approving the work and funding the repair are the owner’s responsibility.  Beyond that, your vendor needs to be able to respond fast and get the job done without any unnecessary delays.  There are always surprises when you are working on homes but the right company will be able to adapt quickly and get the problem solved fast.

Quality work. You deserve to get the job you paid for.  If you cut corners on price it usually shows up in the quality of work.  When you do your homework, choose a great vendor, and agree to competitive pricing, you should demand a quality result.  You don’t have to settle for sub standard results to get the job done fast.

Once you find a vendor who is committed to these three results, many of the headaches that come with being a landlord go away.  The core problems that come with owning rental properties will always be there.  Things will always break and need to be fixed.  Maintenance is a very predictable part of being in the game.  With the right partner on the maintenance end, you will just be able to write the checks with confidence and know that things are being handled for you.

HL Handyman is completely tailored to be a landlord’s one-stop shop for every possible maintenance need. Providing maintenance for nearly 700 homes means we end up dealing with everything that can happen to a house.

Most work is done by HL Handyman employees to keep your costs as low as possible. When we DO have to involve a vendor, we are able to use our volume to get discounted pricing and priority scheduling.

It is our mission to provide you with and competitive pricing, fast turns, and a quality product on every repair. With HL Handyman as your maintenance solution, you get all this without needing to spend the time managing the work yourself or burning through “cheap” guys, who end up missing on quality, speed, AND price.

In addition to using HL Handyman for your investment properties, we invite you to leverage the relationship to get the same speed, quality, and price on your personal home. We also work hard for referrals and roll out the red carpet for the friends and family you refer to HL Handyman. They will get the same pricing you do but 5% of the invoice for referred work comes back to you as a credit toward future work with HL Handyman.

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