Top 5 Rental Agreement Issues for Arizona Rental Properties

If you own Arizona rental properties, there are many important issues which should be covered in your rental agreement, besides the obvious due dates and rental amounts. Here are five important subjects to list in your agreement.

  1. Name All Tenants – Every adult living in the rental should be listed on the agreement. This shows all tenants who are responsible for the rent.
  2. Limit the Occupancy – Clearly state in the agreement how many tenants are allowed to live in the rental home.
  3. Security Deposit Amount – In order to avoid legal issues with your Arizona rental properties, always state the amount for the security deposit and how it will be used.
  4. Pets – Your rental agreement should clearly state whether or not you accept pets to live in your rental home.
  5. Responsibilities for Repair and Maintenance – State all responsibilities you expect the tenant to take care of when it comes to repairs.

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