Three Tips for New Phoenix Property Managers

For Phoenix property managers who are just beginning their careers, it can quickly become overwhelming. Once you have gained some experience, it will get easier. Here are three tips to help you with your property management duties:

  • Cover all the bases with your lease agreement: The lease agreement is one of the most essential pieces of paperwork a property manager must deal with on a continuous basis. It states the rights and responsibilities for the tenant and property manager, therefore, it is important the agreement covers all the bases. This is what helps to protect the property manager from any difficult situations.
  • Property maintenance requirements: Maintenance requests can be tough for Phoenix property managers, especially if they happen in the middle of the night. Although these situations are unavoidable, you can reduce the chances of them by performing regular inspections at your rental properties.
  • Communication: This is a big part of any property management. Don’t undervalue the probability that you’ll be involved in face to face, e-mail and telephone conversations with tenants and property owners on a regular basis. It’s important to be a good listener.

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