Arizona Rental Property Companies Use Moving Checklist

When it comes time for tenants to move in or out, many Arizona rental property companies use a checklist in order to evaluate the condition of the property. This helps to eliminate any issues concerning the state the property was left in at move out time. It is also a good idea to take pictures and keep those with each checklist.

Here are some ideas for your checklist:

  • Windows:  Pay close attention to all windows for cracks and take note of any window shades you currently have on the windows.
  • Smaller Issues: Take a look around for spots on the carpet, broken doors on cabinets, or broken toilet seats.
  • Items Left Behind: Check for any trash or old furniture left in the house.

After thoroughly inspecting the home, have the tenant sign the checklist so they are aware of any problems found. Although checklists for Arizona rental property companies may take time and effort to fill out, they are worth it when a problem arises.

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