Fall Projects for Your Arizona Rental Houses

Fall is the perfect time of year to take a closer look at preventative maintenance on your Arizona rental houses. Here are a few ideas that may prevent emergency calls from your clients:

  • Turn on the Furnace – Before the first cold spell, it is a good idea to go ahead and turn it on. It’s also a good time to make sure it is going to run correctly.
  • Change Furnace Filter – Before turning the furnace on for the winter, change the filter. It’s not a bad idea to leave some filters with your tenants so they can change it out once a month throughout the cold months.
  • Turn Off Outside Water – To prevent the spigots from freezing, you should turn all of them off and drain them before cold weather sets in.
  • Lawn Mower – Since normally you will not being mowing the lawn during the winter, take the time to add some fuel stabilizer to the tank. It is also a good idea to drain the oil, change the spark plugs, air filter and sharpen all the blades.

All of these maintenance tips may not be necessary for each of your Arizona rentals houses, however, you should always check on your homes twice a year to prevent other maintenance problems.

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