Arizona Rental Management: Tricks for Collecting Rent

Landlords occasionally have a hard time collecting rent from their tenants, and unless you have experience or training in debt collections, it is usually best to leave this process up to an Arizona rental management team. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if trying to handle it on your own:

  1. Consistency is Key:  You should be consistent at calling immediately when the rent is late. This keeps the tenants from feeling you are unconcerned.
  2. Try Face to Face:  If you can’t reach the tenant by phone, then drive to the home. This usually intimidates some tenants.
  3. Late Fees:  Always charge a late fee.
  4. Partial Rental Payment:  Anytime a tenant pays only part of the rent, call them immediately to find out when they will be paying the rest of it. Also send another statement to show the updated balance.
  5. Eviction Process:  One of the first things you will learn with your Arizona rental management is when a tenant does not honor their commitment you should start the eviction process immediately. There is no point in dragging out the evictions and having them own even more money.

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