Arizona Rental Homes: Going Green Tips

Many property managers of Arizona rental homes are discovering that “going green” can be a valuable marketing tool to attract new tenants and home owners. The problem is knowing where to begin. Here are some tips for starting with your office which can help you save the environment and money:

  1. Paperless:  Start with using the Internet. Email your residents and owners when possible. Offer free online rental payments.
  2. Eliminate Junk Mail:  Use a service to help you get rid of junk mail.
  3. Online Directory:  Start using places such as Google and Yahoo search engines.
  4. Batteries:  Invest in rechargeable batteries.

Ideas for making your Arizona rental homes green:

  1. Replace Bulbs:  You can replace all bulbs with fluorescent ones since they use less energy and have a much longer life.
  2. Plant a Tree:  Take the time to plant a new tree on the rental property. It can increase the property value over time while adding curb appeal.
  3. Lower the Thermostat:  Consider improving or adding more insulation to the rental home. Give the residents ideas for keeping their homes insulated, such as when the heat is on close exterior doors and windows to keep the warm air from escaping.

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