What You Can Expect Being An Arizona Property Rental Owner

Are you considering an investment in an Arizona property rental? If so, do you know what to expect from your investments? Here are a few pluses and minuses to being a landlord.

  • Income – If you keep your property rented at all times, you can expect a steady stream of income. This comes in handy if you do lose your full-time job at some point.
  • Tax Advantages – Although your rental income is taxable, you are allowed to deduct many of the expenses for maintaining the home, such as insurance, repairs, and mortgage interest.
  • Appreciation – Owning a property for a long period of time will cause the property to go up in value.
  • Commitment – Owning an Arizona property rental does take time, however, hiring a property management company may be an option you want to consider, especially if you own multiple properties.
  • Tenant Problems – There is always the possibility of having a tenant who constantly causes problems, such as, always late with rent or mistreating the property.
  • Legal Possibilities – There can be the likelihood of legal risks when owning rental properties. Some of the reasons for a lawsuit can include health, safety, or discrimination.

Although owning rental properties can be a challenge, the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages. Having a property manager to help with your landlord duties can help keep your more organized and legally aware of issues that may arise.

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