Two Tips for Protecting Your Arizona Real Estate Investment

Protecting the property of your Arizona real estate investment should be important to any landlord. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Document Your Property With Photos – You should take photographs of every property you own before a tenant moves in. This will show the condition of the property inside and out. Don’t forget to include pictures of walls, fixtures, appliances and flooring. Make sure to create a CD with these photos and place it in the file with all your rental paperwork for this particular rental home.
  2. Create A Disaster Plan – From time to time, weather can be unpredictable. It will bring threats of hurricanes, tornados, fires or floods. The important thing to do is have a plan. A couple suggestions would be having current telephone numbers and email addresses for your tenants, a way to protect your data, and a website to post updates that tenants will be able to look at.

The more prepared you are with your Arizona real estate investment, the less stress you will have in a crisis situation. It is also a good idea to review these guidelines with a tenant at the time they sign the lease.

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