Basic Repairs on Your Arizona Property Management & Investment Homes

You can find tons of information about major overhauls on homes, but what about the small basic repairs and upgrades for your Arizona property management & investment homes? The basic repairs are just as important for making sure your property is safe, secure and eye-catching for prospective tenants. Here are a few examples you may want to pay close attention too:

  • Lighting Fixtures – Check both inside and outside lighting fixtures to see if any damages have been done and all bulbs do work.
  • Bathroom Dress Up – Depending on the bathroom size and what type of vanity mirror is used, decorative bulbs are always a nice idea to draw the attention of a woman’s eye. Make sure all the bulbs work.
  • Plumbing – Make certain all pipes pass a water test or pressure test. Many older homes may have galvanized pipes, which will cause lime build-up. This can affect the pressure of the water.
  • Water Heater – Always make certain the water heats up with the current water heater.
  • Kitchen Fixtures – Replacing the kitchen faucet is a plus. Gooseneck faucets are popular nowadays in order for washing pots and pans.
  • Older Trees Outside the Home – Older trees near the home can cause root damage. There’s also a danger of limbs falling on the house.

All the cosmetic features are just as important as major problems you can have with your home. Make sure the basics of the house, especially electric and plumbing, are working properly taken care of in the beginning or all the later work will be a waste of your time and money on your Arizona property management & investments.

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