Arizona Property Management and Investments: Generating More Money

Although Arizona rental homes make great sources of income already, you may want to consider a few ways to improve your Arizona property management and investments. In order to bring in a little more money each month, here are some suggestions:

  1. Charge extra for a rental house that has a garage.
  2. Charge late fees if the tenant does not pay their rent by the due date each month.
  3. Some landlords charge a rental fee on appliances for a house that is fully furnished, or maybe extra for a house that has an AC window unit they supply.
  4. Lower your water bill each month by replacing the toilets with the low consumption models. You will also want to check for leaking faucets and maybe remove any outdoor faucets around the home. This eliminates the tenants from using excess water, such as watering the lawn or washing their car.
  5. Don’t pay the tenant or anyone else for cutting the lawn. These duties should be set as part of their responsibility when renting the home.

Improving your income cash flow should be top priority for a rental owner. Trying some of these changes with your Arizona property management and investments should help with bringing in extra money each month.

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