Protecting Your Arizona House Rentals

When owning Arizona house rentals, owners often worry about their protection. Whether it is from physical damage or tenant lawsuits, there are many different ways your rental property may lose money. Fortunately, there are many commonsense steps a property owner can take to reduce their vulnerability.

The following are 7 steps to protect you against some more common landlord liabilities.

  1. Obtain the right insurance for your needs.
  2. Know the basic legal requirements for repairing and maintaining your rental property.
  3. Eliminate environmental hazards from the property.
  4. Make your property disabled accessible.
  5. Reduce the risk for crime at your rental property by screening your applicants carefully.
  6. Learn the basics in order to avoid fair housing complaints.
  7. Establish a good recordkeeping system for your rental properties.

As an owner of Arizona house rentals, you should act now to protect yourself against any liability. This will help to reduce the likelihood of lawsuits, damage to your properties or harm to your tenants.

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