What to Include in Your Arizona House Rental Agreement

All rentals agreements, whether long or short, should cover the basic terms and details for your Arizona house rental. This legal contract sets the rules for the landlord and tenant to agree upon and follow in order to have a good rental relationship. Some important topics to cover in your rental agreement are:

  1. Rental Amounts and Payment – Your rental agreement will need to specify the rental amount, when it is due and how it should be paid. It is also a good idea to mention the amount for late fees if rent is not paid on time, as well as grace periods.
  2. Security Deposits – The rental agreement should clearly state the amount for the security deposit, how it will be used and how much will be returned when the tenant moves out.
  3. Names of ALL Tenants – Every adult living in the rental home should be listed and sign the rental agreement. By doing this, each tenant is legally responsible for all of the terms.
  4. Limit Your Occupants – Make certain your rental agreement specifies only tenants and their minor children are allow to live in the rental property if they have signed the agreement.
  5. Repairs and Maintenance – Clearly state the tenant’s responsibility in your rental agreement. They should agree to keep the property clean and pay for any damages due to their neglect or abuse. It is also a good idea to have restrictions on what the tenant can do to the property, such as painting without your permission.
  6. Pets – Whether you allow pets or not, your rental agreement should be straightforward on this subject.
  7. Entry to Your Rental Property – In order to avoid your tenant’s privacy rights, you should explain your legal right of entree to your rental property in your agreement.

It is important to spell out all rules and restrictions in your Arizona house rental agreement and make certain your agreement complies with all laws, including rent control regulations, health and safety codes, and discrimination laws.

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