How to Find Quality Tenants with Your Property Management Listing

Chances are if you are a landlord you have experienced less than desirable tenants as some point from your property management listing. If you’re looking to avoid this same mistake again in the future, you will need to take the proper steps to increase your chances of locating the right kind of tenants. These steps can save you time and money, as well as make the rental process much easier.

  • Step One – Place an ad that will keep away the bad tenants. This ad should let prospective tenants know you own a quiet place; therefore, noisy tenants will not be tolerated. It is also important to mention in your ad that you perform credit and background checks. Having a well-worded ad can eliminate undesirable tenants from calling you.
  • Step Two – Once you start receiving calls about your rental property, you can take the screening process a little further and let them know you require at least 90 days of stable employment to be verified. This helps to know which tenants are more responsible.
  • Step Three – It is important to make certain that potential tenants are aware of all your requirements before they begin filling out an application. This will save both you and them time and aggravation. Sounding stern while dealing with prospective tenants will only intimidate bad tenants.

These steps above should help to weed out some potentially bad tenants from your property management listing. The goal is to make your demands known in the beginning before the application is even filled out. This will help to make certain you are renting to only quality tenants because decent tenants will not be intimidated or have any problems meeting your requirements.

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