7 Inexpensive Tips for Improving Your Arizona Homes for Rent

Property owners and managers of Arizona homes for rent are always competing for new residents in this tough economic time when more people are searching for rental properties than ever before. In order to compete with other property owners to make yours more desirable, here are 7 easy-to-do and inexpensive ways for you to improve your properties:

  1. New Doors – Inside doors can be replaced rather cheaply. You might also consider replacing or at least repainting the front door as well.
  2. Trim Work – Think about adding or replacing the old trim in your homes. If you currently have trim or molding that is in decent shape, then add a fresh coat of white paint to it.
  3. Kitchen Updates – Give the cabinets a makeover by painting them and don’t forget to replace the knobs and handles.
  4. Spruce Up the Windows – Remove all old window coverings. You can replace them with inexpensive blinds, but stick with a neutral color.
  5. Bathroom Updates – Replace the shower curtain rods, as well as the curtain and liner. Also think about adding a nice big mirror since this usually makes the appearance of the bathroom larger.
  6. Take Care of the Smell – It’s only normal for closed houses to get that stuffy smell, so in order for prospective residents to not notice, think about installing a portable air purifier or at least buying some inexpensive plug-in room deodorizers.
  7. Other Eye Appealing Touches – For as little as 50 cents each, you can change all the electrical switch plates throughout the home. Little details can go a long way.

If you have Arizona homes for rent, you generally have them on a tight budget, but sprucing them up with some cheap cosmetic improvements can attract new residents.

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