Mesa Property Management Help with Disputes

There are times when a landlord and tenant may have a dispute and the help from your Mesa property management company should be there to assist with solving any problems. Whether your disagreement is about repairs or rent increase, your property manager will know how to handle it.

In order to avoid legal problems, both the landlord and tenant should follow these tips:

  1. Keep communication open.
  2. Make certain the terms of your rent or lease agreement are made clear.
  3. Federal, state and local laws have rules and regulations, so it’s important to know your rights.
  4. Always make copies of any correspondence as well as any notes of conversations concerning problems. Tenants should request their repairs in writing and have a copy of this request. The landlord should also keep a copy of this request, as well as how the repair was handled.

Keep in mind, issues between a tenant and landlord are only one of the many services a Mesa property management company like HomeLovers can help you with.

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