Short Sale Deals Often Collapse – How To Help Prevent It

USA Today recently ran an interesting article on how home sellers are increasingly frustrated as short sale deals collapse – often months into the deal when potential buyers walk away due to lengthy delays. Read the article here.

The author wisely points out that the banks are only part of the problem. Buyers/sellers can’t do much about the banks, but they have total control over the agents they choose.

Now, more than ever, it is critical to choose your experts wisely. Way too often, we see first-time buyers and real estate investors alike being assisted by agents who don’t have enough experience to make the process smooth.

For buyers looking to get a deal on their next personal residence, this will lead to lost deals, frustration and wasted time. Many buyers are putting their moves and future plans into the hands of agents who simply lack the knowledge to get the job done.

For real estate investors, this is an even bigger problem. The inexperienced agents are recommending properties that we would never suggest as an investment. There are great deals out there in virtually every price range, and a short sale can be a great way to get into the perfect property at a nice price. We just caution new homeowners and investors alike to start with the best expert they can find… then shop for the best possible properties… and THEN look for the best deals in the properties they know will work.

If you are going to go through the hassle of a short sale, you want to make sure the home you end up owning is a prize worth winning.

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